supplying artwork


Artwork upload guidelines differ from printer to printer. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide immaculate quality print, but we can only do that if your artwork is uploaded correctly.

To make sure we print your job perfectly, please run your artwork through the checklist below to ensure nothing is missing.
Manually select 'Print' and choose the 'Press Quality' setting
Add crop marks (outer corner marks, not full colour bars) outset by 6 points, so they do not touch the cut size of the document
Include bleed
Optimise your PDF for print (300 dpi images)
Embed your fonts or outline
Any ultra light, light or Thin fonts change to outline
Choose "Press Quality" when creating your PDF
Artwork should be CMYK or greyscale
Please be aware that screen colours (RGB) may appear duller or lacking in contrast when printed.
Colour images should be CMYK colour mode
Scanned or bitmapped images should be 300 dpi
We accept files saved using one of the following software: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
For the Adobe packages please save all files with the outlined fonts.
Files created in one of the Microsoft packages usually get better results if they’re saved as pdfs.
To help as many people as possible, The London Printers accepts a range of different formats. These are: JPEG, PNG, PDF.
For the photography artwork we would recommend high resolution JPEGs (preferably un-compressed).
For Graphics or Text files please save it as print-ready, vector based PDF.
For a mix of graphics and photography artwork the best solution would be print-ready PDFs.
The usual bleed requirement is 2mm all round.