Print Process

The method of printing you want to use will have some effect on the overall result of your project and we offer three services as part of the printing process. Lithography, Digital or Bespoke.

Lithography is a more traditional method using metal plates , Pantone inks, powder and water. Using the highest quality Heidelberg Presses your prints will have a classical feel with a professional look used by only the best! It can be more expensive but is often regarded as being the most effective form of printing.

Digital presses have mostly replaced lithography as it is a cheaper and faster method of printing. In addition they also use less ink and other materials and have a shorter set-up time, making this method more suitable for shorter printing runs. Our presses are Xerox and HP Indigo. For most people, it is difficult to tell the difference between digital and lithographic printing.
Bespoke services will depend entirely on your needs. This can include embossing, thermographics, double mounts, metallic foil, die-cutting and even UV varnish. We can work with you to decide what would work best for your project.

We will help you to decide on the best method for your needs and your budget. This can depend on the turn around time, the number of copies needed, the quality you want and the type of file you supplied us with. In most cases we will make this decision for you, based on our professional experience.